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In-Store Personalized Gifts

Personalization is everywhere online, but the capital, inventory, and training that local retailers need to compete with online stores may seem impossible to reach. However, thanks to the Artsy Olive Retail Kiosk, you can step into the game with confidence.
You can also take advantage of our local store pickup option where customers complete their order online and pick it up in your store.
Find out today how you can achieve margins of up to 65%!
Collection of gifts

Certificates and acrylic framed photos are coming soon to Artsy Olive!

Framed Acryllic Photo
Framed Acryllic Photo

Simple Setup, Endless Possibilities

Customers use in-store retail kiosks to create personalized art signs—perfect for home décor and gift options on any occasion. While kiosk setup is simple and needed inventory limited, the ever-expanding library with +400 templates gives users limitless personalization possibilities.
Start creating memories with your customers today!

Stores Love It

More in-store traffic and repeat customers are within your reach. You can give customers a rewarding shopping experience with art signs printed within minutes of purchase. Join in the proven success of the Artsy Olive Retail Kiosk.
Request a demo to view the kiosk, get details on how the retailer program works, and see suggested retail prices.
retailer quote
"We are ecited about the Artsy Olive Kiosk. It has opened a new door in sales oppurtunities. It's a quality program and simple to use. Little staff training was needed. It paid for itself in less than two months. We have customers that have returned multiple times to purchase signs."
retailer quote
"The addition of the Artsy Olive Kiosk has been a huge hit with our customers. They love being able to personalize the picture they choose and add their own scripture or quote. The customers' reaction to the (sign) when we hand it to them is 'how lovely'. Their one-of-a-kind (sign) that they are able to take home the same day."