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Why Personalization? Short answer: Because people love it.

Personalization is a serious trend with an endless selection of online websites offering a myriad of products each personalized to reflect the tastes of the purchaser.
Physical retailers must take notice. This trend will only grow even bigger fueled by the millennial and Z generations that expect many of their purchases to be personalized. But it’s not just the young. Grandmas love personalization! Especially when it comes to gifts for their grandkids.
All ages of women often look for a personalized gift to give to a friend especially when she wants to…
Offer encouragement…
When it’s birthday and anniversary time…
When a baby is born…
When a death occurs…
And when it comes to her own home, personalized wall décor wins nearly every time.
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Aren’t Personalization Programs Expensive?

They can be but they don't have to be.
Integra extensively researched the top personalization service programs that are primarily catering to gift boutique, florists and embroidery shops, bookstores and stationary stores. We learned what retailers that offer personalization liked and disliked about these service programs.
We created our kiosk program to be one of the most affordable personalization kiosk service programs on the market. It requires little space and little in inventory supplies.

Create Powerful Sales Experiences Establish Lasting Connections with Customers

When you hand a customer her purchase, how often do you hear her say, “I love it!” We’re going to guess, not very often.
Our products create this response with over 90% of all customer purchases. This is documented in the video below. Watch it.
It is critical to your store’s future livelihood that you offer products that delight the shopper. If not, online shopping is just a tap away on her phone.
Our Art Signs make a powerful connection with the customer. An emotional connection. This is a huge benefit to you that often results in repeat sales.

Free Up Cash with Less Inventory

Artsy Olive Retail Kiosk™ lowers you inventory costs freeing up cash for other uses. At the same time, it increases the selection of products available to purchase.
Your “inventory” is just five sizes of frames each in three color finishes: Black, White and Washed Oak. Three of the frames are rectangles used both in portrait and landscape. This means five frames create eight sizes of Art Signs. There are over 300 Art Signs in the kiosk catalog.

Limited Retail Locations We help you be distinctive

We’ll we are not offering market exclusivity, we are carefully choosing the retail locations for Artsy Olive™ kiosks.
We realize you need products that are not available in multiple stores in your area. We want you to be able to promote personalization as a keystone product in your store.
The typical guideline is to limit the kiosk in one Christian products store and one gift store per community. Contact us to determine if the kiosk is available to your store.
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Social Media Support

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a gift vendor that provides you with social media promotion materials for its products. And yet, gift products could benefit far more with this than many other products.
At least twice a month we create short videos designed for social media that promote the new Art Signs. The videos are easily accessible to you to use on your social media sites.
We can even help you learn how to easily automate posting the videos to all social media sites at one time.

Buy Online – Pickup Locally

Do you know of any gift vendor selling its products online that offers local store pickup of the customer’s order? It doesn’t exist, until now.
Coming soon, people that purchase Art Signs at the Artsy Olive website will have the option to pick up the order at a Personalized Art Signs™ local store.
Local pickup is gaining in popularity and available at many chain retailer websites. People like it because they get their purchase now and saving on shipping.
You will benefit from both the sale and the customer coming to your store, someone who likely hasn’t been to your store. We will be sharing most of the sales revenue from these orders with you.
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How Artsy Olive™ Works

Art-driven sign décor is created in minutes. It is really, quite simple. The customer uses a touch screen monitor or tablet to select an Art Sign template from the over 200 available. They are organized by over two dozen categories and occasions.
Simple on-screen hints quickly show the customer what can be personalized and how to do it. Once the Art Sign has been personalized and paid for, the order is ready for the printer to print it on the highest quality perforated photo paper. You easily insert the sign into the real wood frame. It just 6-10 minutes after paying for the sign the customer has it in her hands.
Once the first sign has been purchased, we encourage repeat purchases of just the art print on a frequent basis to keep the décor fresh looking. Our frames are specially designed to hold up to a dozen prints easily stored in the back. The swivel clasps make switching out the prints quick. Each Art Sign has a label on the back with the store name/phone number and explaining that prints can be stored in the frame.
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What Types of Art Signs Are Available and What Can Be Personalized?

Art Sign templates are organized into ten categories. Each category has groups. Presently there are over 30 groups. We release 8-12 new templates every month, sometimes introducing a new group.
The most common elements of the Art Sign that can be personalized are names and statements followed by locations and dates. Some templates offer options for the background color. And some are also available in multiple sizes.
All Art Signs fit within one of five sizes of frames. Two of the sizes are rectangles which means these frames accommodate Art Signs that can be either portrait or landscape. All Art Signs are available in either black or washed oak wood frames.
The easiest way to see all Art Signs available is to request a demo of the kiosk. You use the demo on your own computer.
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The Benefits You Gain with Artsy Olive™

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Artsy Olive Retail Kiosk™ overcomes the obstacles that have held most retailers from offering personalization.
We have pretty much eliminated obstacle number one. Everything you need to get started (equipment, frames and photo paper) is affordable. We even offer a six-month payment plan. It’s backed up with our no-nonsense six-month unconditional satisfaction guarantee. It either works or you get your money back less the small setup fee. See the Terms & Conditions for details.
We keep it simple. Unlike many personalization service programs there is no large inventory of blank signs or printable supplies. Over 300 Art Signs fit within just five frame sizes with each available in three finishes. The perforated photo paper is sold in packages of 25.
One of our competitive advantages is that we are a technology-driven company. Our Kiosk isn’t hampered by traditional design and manufacturing methods. We stay on top of home décor trends and can design today for selling tomorrow.
Okay, let’s be clear: We are not saying that you do not need to purchase wall décor from other companies. But you will be able to reduce the number of stock “guessing” decisions. Artsy Olive Retail Kiosk™ is virtual inventory so there is never stock that has to be marked down because it didn’t sell.
The kiosk default suggested retail prices (SRP) result in an average 51.4% margin. But you can change the SRP for greater margin, as some retailer do.
All Art Sign templates are classified as General, Religious or Optional. You can also turn-off individual Art Signs.

Demo Artsy Olive Retail Kiosk™

You can demo the retail store kiosk on your computer. The demo gives you the full experience as though you were a customer in your store, except for the printing of the sign. Just select the option button below. Normally within four hours or less you will receive an email with a link to the demo kiosk.
Artsy Olive Retail Kiosk™ is not available to every retailer. We limit the distance proximity between retailers to help you build loyalty to your store. Add Artsy Olive Retail Kiosk™ to your store before another retailer in your area does.
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