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Developed in 2007 for the Christian retail store channel, myMEDIA BurnBar™ is a Disc-on-Demand platform. Nearly four million CDs and DVDs have been created.

Every day hundreds of retail stores serve their customers by offering over 17,000 accompaniment track titles, 15,000 music albums, 170,000 songs, and 600 movies, music concerts and kids' videos.

Our Selection of accompaniment tracks is unparalleled and includes several thousand that are out-of-print and only available from us.

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How It Works

Customers use the Shopper Touchpoint screen. It is a web-based interface that can run on virtually any computer or tablet running the Chrome browser. we recomend using a touchscreen. And because it is web-based, you never to update it. It's all done by Integra

The user experience is easy to understand with many ways to search for what you want. Search results appear as you type even if a word is misspelled!

Song samples are 90 seconds. Accompaniment track samples are virtually the entire song. Most movies have trailers to view.

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When creating a playlist of songs from various CD albums, a choice of CD covers is offered. Select by occasions such as Comfort/Encouragement, Wedding, Anniversary, Love, Birthday, and General.

A personalized message of up to 100 characters can also be added.

Finalizing the order is simple! The customer enters his/her first name in the in confirm field and then proceeds to the store checkout to pay for the order. In about four minutes the CD is ready.

To make the BurnServer easily accessible to store employees, most retailers place the equipment near the checkout counter.

The BurnServer prints a ticket which is scanned at your POS to register the sale. Once the customer has paid for the order, the employee follows the simple prompts on the BurnServer screen.

Insert the disc in the computer burn drive, print the case artwork cover sheet and then insert it into the CD or DVD case. Start-to-finish it takes under 4 minutes for a CD and 6-10 minutes for a DVD. The employee can ring up other sales while the disc is burning.

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Competitive Advantage Stay ahead of the game.

In the CBA retail channel, over 85% of all sales from Disc-on-Demand systems are from myMEDIA BurnBar™.

Why? Simply put, our digital catalog is considerably larger than our competitor.

  • Nearly twice as many accompaniment track titles with thousands exclusive to us.
  • Three times the number of album CDs.
  • Four times the number of songs for creating playlist CDs.
  • Only Integra offers movies, music concerts and kids' videos.

We also provide you with the merchandising support such as our Promo CDs and DVDs. These are empty cases displayed on shelves so customers have product to browse.

Contact us to learn how we can bring you new sales without added inventory.

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