Personalized Art Signs™

Overview Customers want personalization.

Personalization is a popular trend. People want products that reflect their tastes. Savvy retailers understand this and are capitalizing on it.
Customers use a touch screen or tablet kiosk to select the sign template from 17 categories and occasions. The equipment is economically priced, the retail margins are high, and the personalized instant gratification is unparalleled.
And best of all, you are not competing with Amazon or a dozen other retailers with the same product.
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How It Works Create products in minutes.

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Customers use a touch screen or tablet kiosk to select a sign template from more than 20 life events and occasions. These include events like commemorating an anniversary to honoring a firefighter to declaring your favorite sport to enhancing a child’s room with the child’s name and what it means. We provide a sample signs for each of the sizes that are displayed on the wall adjacent to the kiosk.
Personalizing the sign is simple with easy-to-follow screen prompts. Then preview the sign with each of the frame finishes. Hit the confirm order button and the personalization is done!
The customer goes to your cashwrap register to pay for the order. The sign is not printed until it has been paid. The printing is initiated from the Integra retailer admin website accessible from any computer or tablet. Depending on the sign size, the printing will take three to six minutes.
The paper stock is pre-perforated. Easily insert it into the frame and the customer is ready to go in six to ten minutes after paying for it.
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Equipment and Display The latest technology.

Personalized Art Sign™ equipment
The Personalized Art Signs™ service program uses a touch screen or tablet setup as a kiosk for the customer to use and a Canon professional-level inkjet printer.
The printer can be placed in your office and stock room area.
We sell the electronics but if you already have a touch screen, a Galaxy 10.1” tablet or 9.7” iPad, you may use it. Only the Canon Pro 100 printer may be used.
Place the touch screen or tablet adjacent to a wall where wall décor and signs are displayed. The depicted pedestal stand is for illustration purposes only.
We provide you with a header sign and four sample signs each with a sticker identifying it as a Personalized Art Sign.
There are just four frame sizes. But because two can be either portrait or landscape it creates six sizes of signs. The overall frame sizes are 7.75”x7.75”, 13.75”x13.75”, 17.25”x8.25” and 18.75”x13.75”. Frames come in black or oak finish.
Example setup

Personalize it to Your Store You are in control.

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Personalized Art Signs™ puts you in control of the sign templates you want to offer and the price at which you want to sell each one.
The sign templates’ messaging and styles range from overtly religious to whimsical. Some sign templates offer a selection of phrases that can be either religious or general.
Your cost for the signs is net pricing. The default retail prices are set so you make at least a 50% margin, but you can change each sign’s price to what you want it to be.